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Do you surprise churches with your visit?

America’s Secret Church Shopper comes at the invitation of the Senior Pastor.


What size churches have benefitted from the Secret Church Shopper services?

Churches of all sizes have experienced growth and continued toward excellence in ministry following a visit from America’s Secret Church Shopper. Churches from 30 to more than 7,000 have been helped.


Are the services limited to certain geographic areas?

Churches in New York, California, Ohio, Delaware, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and others have been shopped. America’s Secret Church Shopper has conducted church growth seminars in Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky to name a few.


What can churches do to better serve their congregation and communities?

Allow God to develop within them spiritual and natural gifts. When churches embrace the vision of excellence and quality in ministry they will grow and develop.


Is this spying on a church?

Pastors realize the value in a snapshot of the health of their church. There is nothing wrong or deceitful in the process. Just as we would visit a physician for a yearly physical exam, a church can gauge and improve its health through the use of a Secret Church Shopper.


Do you visit churches one time only?

Some churches have America’s Secret Church Shopper return at regular intervals to continually improve the quality of ministry.



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