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The Five Star Church

by Stan Toler

How does a restaurant or hotel earn a five-star rating? Is it the people? The location? The service? The amenities? In most cases, it is all of this and more: an overall sense that the customer is to be valued, honored and treated well. Jesus’ life was like that: a sacrificial offering of love for those He loved and cared about. In “The Five-Star Church”, pastor/ how to transform your church based on Jesus’ model of servant hood. With humor and fresh insight, they provide tangible steps on how to build a church whose number one goal is to serve God and others-the mark of a five-star church.

Author: Stan Toler & Alan Nelson

The Secret Blend

by Stan Toler

A warm, rich, and slightly caffeinated parable about building strong relationships.Meet Joe Conrad, successful businessperson, Joe has just signed the richest contract in the history of his ad agency—which means a nice raise and a hefty bonus. So why does he feel so empty?Now meet Mac Dalton, proprietor of Mac’s Place, a coffee shop in a suburb of the coffee Mecca of America—Seattle. Mac knows his coffee, but he also has far more valuable information—and he’s willing to share it.When Joe stops in for coffee one morning, he receives a coupon for a free cup.  The simple question printed on the back of the coupon will challenge everything Joe thought was important to him:“Are you as rich as you want to be?”So begins the journey of a lifetime as Joe returns to the coffee shop time and time again to learn the meaning of true wealth from his new friend Mac. It’s a journey of discovery about the most important priority of life: relationships.  And it’s a journey you’re invited to join.So fill your mug, get comfortable, and open yourself to a rich, robust, and rewarding new way of life.

Author: Stan Toler